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Thermoplay S.p.a - Italy

Manufacturers of premium quality hot runner systems for the plastics injection and injection blow moulding industries.

Z.R.E. S.p.a. - Italy

Manufacturer of high quality heating elements and nozzle thermocouples.

DEGA s.p.a.

One of the worlds leading manufacturers of auxiliary equipment for plastic moulders, extruders and processors, DEGA supply a full range of auxiliary products to compliment and improve plastics processing.

Hellweg-Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG

Leading European manufacturer of machine side & slow running granulators for processing plastic waste

Kipe Molds Inc - USA

A world leading manufacturer of cold runner systems for the liquid silicon injection moulding industry.

Tecnomagnete S.p.a. - Italy

The worlds leading supplier of permanent electro magnetic products for the plastics moulding industry

The Foundation Marketing Group

Manufactures of Mold Shield and Mold Chutes that prevent moulded parts dropping outside of the die-line

Argofile Japan Ltd

Leading supplier of grinding, polishing and finishing products for toolmakers and parts for robotic lifting devices.

Pipcar Ltd

Manufacturer of heat pipes, cooling tubes and water fountains for plastics and die-casting mould manufacturers.

Keiba Japan Ltd

Manufacturer & supplier of the world's leading brand of plastics cutting pliers

Industrial & Commercial Marse S.L.

Marse manufacture auxiliary equipment for the thermoplastic processing sector and chillers for the pharmaceutical, steel, chemical and plastic industry.


Cofit are a leading manufacturer of screen changers and filtering systems, they offer a range of high quality and wide ranging solutions for in line filtering and screening of plastics in production processes.

Dal Maschio Group

Since their beginning in 1829 Dal Maschio Group have been developing their knowledge in automation and since 1973 have been offering a range of leading edge design industrial robots for plastics processing.

Mold Control Systems Inc

Since 1988 Mold Control Systems Inc have been supplying temperature controllers for plastics processing, their state of the art intelligent series controllers provide Mold Control Systems with a leading edge in the supply of mainframe controllers.

Rex Materials Inc - USA

Manufacturers of the patented Rex TCS system of energy saving radiant heating solutions for Plastic Extruders & Injection Moulders.